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What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine is a regulated healthcare profession involving a functional approach to medicine. Naturopathic Doctors focus not only on a patient’s symptoms but also on the underlying conditions causing the symptoms. NDs treat the root causes of disease and address preventable risk factors by using a wide range of evidence-based, natural and conventional therapies. NDs teach, guide, and empower their patients to take control of their health. NDs can help patients prevent illness and achieve their individualized health objectives.

Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

First, to do no harm, by using the most non-invasive and safest methods that minimize the risk of harmful side effects.


To treat the underlying causes of disease, rather than simply suppressing symptoms.


To teach patients, by sharing knowledge about the principles of healthy living and encouraging individual responsibility for health.


To heal the whole person through individualized treatment, by understanding the unique physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental and social factors that contribute to illness, and customizing treatment protocols to the patient.


To emphasize disease prevention and health promotion, by assessing risk factors and recommending appropriate naturopathic interventions to maintain health and prevent illness.


To support the healing power of the body, by recognizing and removing obstacles to the body's inherent self-healing process.